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Liberty House Foundation’s (LHF) main focus is on assisting communities to develop. For this purpose, LHF has developed various programmes to help promote welfare, education, environmental awareness, entrepreneurship, etc.. In the longer term, the Foundation aims to expand its activities to support individuals and groups in the broader West African region and continental Africa.


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Mision & Vision

Our main focus is on assisting communities to develop.

Our Mission

To work towards the promotion of the aims and objective of the United Nations and its system for community development, and in pursuance of its vision and guiding principle. The organization organizes programs to facilitate the development of our societies through social work, research work , disseminates knowledge of the United Nations and its program as well reaches out to the larger community through extension at local ,National levels.


The Vision is to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate and to be an organization that continually responds to the changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards development of sustainable society that promotes and protects the equality, social justice and Human Rights for all.

Our Core Values

Liberty house Foundation encourages the following values to be practiced both at individual and organizational level:

  • Honesty

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Mutual respect

  • Creativity

  • Cost efficiency

  • Participation

  • Solidarity

Aims & Objectives

  • To popularize the aims and purpose of the United Nations and its system and to promote its program and activities amongst the mass of society.

  • To promote international understanding, peace and tolerance through education, science, culture and mass communication.

  • Organize programs in the aims of social work, human resource management, Health system, culture and support the Research program.


Meet the Chief Executive Officer



Mrs. Adelaide Araba Siaw Agyepong is a proud mother and wife who possesses exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. With a wealth of entrepreneurial experience spanning over 16 years, Mrs. Agyepong established her first business, CYNJOSCO VENTURES in 2000, which was to serve as the platform for the establishment of five other businesses within the next 15 years. Having kicked off her professional career working as an Administrative Assistant with the Electricity Company of Ghana from 1995 to 2001, Mrs. Agyepong gained immense organizational experience and management training which was to later become a reliable backbone and thrust for her future growth.

As an accomplished wife and mother, Adelaide’s love for children has always remained one of her strongest attributes. Seeking to extend this motherly love to children from diverse backgrounds, she established an international school in 2013, Liberty American School.

The establishment of the school also served as a major motivating factor for the birthing of a charity organization, Liberty House Foundation, which Mrs. Agyepong seeks to use to help disadvantaged youths and other vulnerable persons in the society, including the destitute, widows and orphans, whilst imparting strong Christian moral values to its members and beneficiaries.

The foundation, which commenced operations in 2014, remains one of Mrs. Agyepong’s most important organizations as it highlights her philanthropic nature and an undying desire to help others. Prior to establishing Liberty American School, Mrs. Agyepong set up Equity Services Limited, (now Haven Crystal), a business that has been operational since 2005. Her depth in knowledge and operational practicalities saw her appointed as the Strategic Advisor to Zoomlion Ghana Limited, the number one waste management company in Ghana, in 2006.

Married to the amiable Dr.Joseph S. Agyepong with (5) children: Christabel, Agnita, Nana Adjoa, Ethel, and Joseph Jnr. Mrs. Agyepong is indeed the accomplished wife and mother who possesses a strong business acumen. She remains a visionary, an entrepreneur, a management tycoon, and a strategist; and with her drive and passion to achieve even greater feat, the sky is only the starting point.

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